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Electrical panel boards are essential components of any electrical system. They are used to distribute power and protect electrical equipment from damage caused by overloading or short circuits. At Clear, we specialize in providing high-quality electrical panel boards for a variety of applications. 

Improved Safety

Reducing the risk of electrical fires, shocks, and other hazards, & providing overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, and ground fault protection to help prevent electrical accidents

Simplified Maintenance

Providing a central location for electrical connections and controls and reducing downtime by making it easier to isolate and repair faults in the system

Increased Reliability

Distributing power to different areas of a building or facility & preventing power disruptions and equipment damage by providing surge protection and voltage regulation.


Electrical panel boards can be easily expanded or upgraded to accommodate new equipment or changes in power requirements. This allows businesses to scale their operations without the need for significant infrastructure changes

Types of Electrical Panel Boards

Synchronizing Panels

Control panels that are used to synchronize the output of multiple power sources, such as generators or utility power, to ensure that they are operating in phase and frequency with each other

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

Control panels that are used to automatically switch the power source for a building or facility between the utility grid and a backup generator in the event of a power outage or other disruption

Main Distribution Board (MDB)

Large panels that are used to distribute electrical power from a main power source to various secondary distribution boards or individual circuits throughout a building or facility

Surgeon Panels

These panels typically include a variety of safety features such as ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), isolated power systems, and alarms to alert medical personnel in the event of an electrical fault or hazard

Motor Control Center (MCC)

Control panels that are used to control and distribute power to electric motors in industrial and commercial settings. They include various components such as motor starters, contactors, overload relays, and other control devices that allow operators to start, stop, and control the speed and direction of electric motors

Distribution & Lighting Panels

Small panels that  receive power from the main electrical service and distribute it to different circuits throughout the building, ensuring electricity reaches various loads such as appliances, outlets, and lighting fixtures

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