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At Clear, we offer a comprehensive range of UPS and AVR systems designed to provide reliable power backup and voltage regulation for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Our high-quality systems ensure uninterrupted power supply and protect your valuable equipment from power fluctuations, ensuring smooth operations even during electrical outages.

Features & Advantages

UPS Systems

Online Double Conversion Technology

Our UPS systems utilize online double conversion technology, ensuring clean, stable, and reliable power output with zero transfer time

Battery Backup

Our UPS systems come equipped with high-quality batteries that provide backup power during outages, giving you ample time to save your work, safely shut down systems, or continue operations smoothly

Scalable Solutions (Up To 1600KVA/UNIT)

We offer UPS systems of various capacities to accommodate the power requirements of different applications, from small offices to large industrial facilities

Monitoring and Management

Our UPS systems offer advanced monitoring and management features, including remote monitoring, real-time alerts, and power management software, allowing you to monitor and control your power supply efficiently

High-End Products

"Unleash unparalleled power protection with our high-end UPS systems. Engineered for reliability and performance, our cutting-edge solutions ensure uninterrupted operations, shielding your critical equipment from power disruptions and voltage fluctuations. Experience the pinnacle of power backup technology and gain the peace of mind to focus on your business success."

Best-In-Class Installation

Trust our experts for best-in-class UPS system installation. With meticulous attention to detail and adherence to industry standards, we ensure seamless integration into your existing electrical infrastructure. Experience hassle-free installation, optimal performance, and reliable power backup for uninterrupted operations.

AVR Systems

Voltage Regulation Accuracy

Our AVR systems provide precise voltage regulation, maintaining a steady and reliable power supply, even in challenging environments with fluctuating voltage levels.

Fast Response Time

With quick response times, our AVR systems can rapidly correct voltage variations, ensuring minimal downtime and protecting your equipment from voltage-related issues.

Surge and Spike Protection

Our AVR systems incorporate surge and spike protection mechanisms, safeguarding your equipment against sudden voltage surges and spikes that can cause damage.

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